contentseoThe debate rages on about SEO for content marketing, and which is more important. One side claims that without great content there is no issue at all. The other side claims that without good SEO, no one will ever find that great content. So who’s right?
The truth is, both are right.
The days of technically constructing content to rank well in the search engines are long gone, and at the same time the bar to noticeability on the search engines has been raised as Google gets smarter about what type of content best fulfills the searchers intent.  Let’s examine exactly how that can be accomplished without harming anyone!

How much SEO does your content need?

A lot less than it used to. The primary goal of SEO these days in regards to content is to augment but not over-optimize. 
Augmenting your pages footprint online is done through the use of good on-page SEO, such as

  • Proper SEO title tags
  • Persuasive and appropriate-length Meta description
  • Primary keyword in titles, H1 tags and selectively in content
  • No overuse of H1 tags
  • Links out to authority
  • Internal links to other useful content on the site
  • Image ALT tags correctly filled in
  • Content is sharable socially

Do these few things and you’ll be leagues ahead of most other marketers when it comes to applying great SEO to your content.