Potential Bad Press Not Worth It

It Might Be a Waste of Time

While Pokemon Go is all the rage now, there is no assurance that it will stay this way. It seems that the next huge thing changes on a weekly basis. The popularity of everything, including best-selling mobile games, can die off just as quickly as it came about. If you opt to spend time focusing on Pokemon Go as a promotional tool, it is at the expense of proven marketing tactics that will be around long after the game is just a memory.

Data Has Not Proven its Advantages

pokeThere isn’t any doubt that Pokemon Go has a substantial following, and if you focus on attracting these people, they will likely arrive. You must remember, though, that they are only coming for the game. If you place a lure near your store, fans will definitely stop by. Whether or not they will stick around or just go to the next Pokestop, though, is yet to be determined. You may be doing nothing more than bringing people by for momentary stops.

Bad Press Could Happen to You

When Pokemon Go first was launched, all the news coverage was about its popularity. Recently, though, much of the talk has been negative. People are getting harmed due to not paying attention to their surroundings, and criminals have even begun using the app to track down victims. Taking the chance of getting blindsided by potential bad press is not worth the chance that people might show up.

Pokemon Go will probably be around for a while. Whether it turns into a feasible marketing strategy, though, remains to be seen. Unless you have tons of reserve marketing capital, it may be best to wait the craze out and see what happens.