Video Depositions

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Video Depositions

dep 1Video depositions are not uncommon in today’s busy environment. Many times witnesses are unavailable for live courtroom testimony and video deposition is the perfect solution to bring that testimony to a jury.

Over the years we have seen the video deposition go from videotape playback to DVD. We have seen an increase in sync transcript demand that allows the attorney to access any part of the video deposition instantly through the transcript. Many law firms have embraced this digital technology and we can deliver the depositions in many formats to fit all of today’s trial software.

Our firm handles many video depositions each week and although the delivery needs may change the need for a good recording has not.

Things to consider about your next video depositions

There are many things to consider while shooting a video deposition that can make a difference. Obviously a clear properly framed picture and good sound is important. But other things need to be considered as well.


depo 2The height of the camera for example can have a subtle effect on how the jury subconsciously receives the testimony. If it’s set to high and the witness seems small and the testimony may have less weight. If it’s set to low and the witness may appear to be overbearing.

Other things that are considered are proper white balancing for true color detail.
Neutral backgrounds to avoid distractions, windows etc.
Individual microphones to reproduce consistent sound. Color to is important. Proper white balancing can in how it is seen by the jury

These are things that you probably never thought about and with our team, you don’t have to.

Our team has been delivering the best in video depositions coverage since 1988. You will find us to always be professional and on time.

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